Healthy Hair Journey: How I continue to maintain long, full hair
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Healthy Hair Journey: How I continue to maintain long, full hair

Over the past few years, I have been on a journey to have healthier, stronger, and longer hair. In a previous article, I wrote about the extreme hair loss I faced when I was 22. It was such an upsetting experience for me because I felt like my hair was a part of my identity. I always valued having long, healthy hair and I couldn’t understand why it was suddenly thinning.

At one point, my hair was literally falling out in clumps. I was scared to brush it because I knew that more strands would come out. I looked in the mirror and I didn’t like what I saw.

I searched for answers and tried to figure out how to turn this around. I knew that it would take some work on my part.

I am still unsure as to why my hair was deteriorating so rapidly, but I am glad to say that my journey has led to recovering almost all of my hair. It started growing back in small spurts, which was weird because I suddenly had really short chunks of hair. It took a couple of years, but my hair is continuing to grow and become full again.

So – how did I do it and how do I continue to maintain healthy hair?

If you are experiencing hair loss and thinning, just know you are not alone. I have heard others with chronic illness talk about how hair loss has really hurt their self confidence.

I want to share with you how I was able re-grow my hair and continue to maintain a full, healthy head of hair. These are things that work for me, but just know that everyone is different, so things may work differently for you!

1. I stopped washing my hair so frequently.

I know this one seems weird. We want to be cleanly and ensure that our hair is not greasy. However, I had been told by stylists that it is not healthy to wash your hair too often. Of course, this can differ from person to person, depending on how oily your hair is.

I used to wash it almost every day, and now I wash it about 3 times a week. I still take showers, but I throw my hair up in a high bun. I love how long my hair has gotten since making this change.

According to an article from, expert Dr. Blair Murphy-Rose says “For most, it is too frequent to wash your hair every day. The exception is those with a very oily scalp may need to wash every day. So, it really comes down to hair type and your scalp. If your hair does not get oily every day, but it gets sweaty from exercise, say, you can rinse with water and then apply conditioner to the ends, as needed for moisture or detangling.”

2. I took Viviscal and used Kérastase hair regrowth oil.

Viviscal is definitely my favorite hair growth supplement. I was really diligent about taking it for a while. Many people say they see results after around 3 months, so you have to stick with it until then. I felt like that is around when I started to see significant improvement.


I also love the Kérastase oil. This is one of my favorite brands, and I have used multiple products from them that have helped me achieve thick, full, shiny hair. I like to put this oil in my hair and massage it into my scalp! And it smells so good!

3. I massage my scalp to stimulate hair growth.

I kept seeing scalp massagers on social media, and I knew that I had to try it out. First of all, massaging my scalp is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. It also helps with hair growth.

I use a Kérastase oil on my scalp, and then I like to massage for at least ten minutes.

scalp massager

According to an article from, “A scalp massage encourages blood circulation around the head and scalp area, which can help to nourish your hair follicles and create a productive environment for hair growth. This is because increased circulation = increased blood flow, meaning your scalp will benefit from an increase in essential nutrients and vitamins that it needs in order to produce healthy hair follicles.”

4. I try to keep my stress levels low.

Emphasis on the word “try.” I know it’s hard to do. Life is full of stressful things, especially when your hair if literally falling out.

Stress and worrying can manifest itself physically, and when I feel like it starts to affect my health, I know I need to make a change. My hair was falling out during a period of my life where I was extremely anxious and worried about my health. It got to the point where nearly every part of my life was suffering.

Relax. Take a breath. Get out your scalp massager, light some candles, and have a peaceful night!

Unfortunately, you can’t change it overnight, but you can take small steps to get to the hair that you want!


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