Chronic Illness

After experiencing extreme hair loss at 22, here’s how I grew my hair back.

After dealing with my chronic illness, surviving a bad case of COVID, and being super stressed out in school, my hair began to fall out. Rapidly. I felt like every time I brushed my hair, more and more clumps came out. It was such a scary and upsetting feeling.

I couldn’t understand where it was coming from, but I knew it was probably a mixture of all of those things my body was facing.

I looked in the mirror and mourned who I once was. It sounds dumb to be so sad over hair, but as someone who grew up with my mom owning a hair salon, it was such a big thing to me! I had such thick, long hair before. Now I felt like I had a few strands.

when my hair began thinning

I was already stressed, but this was stressing me out even more. Throughout being so sick, I lost a lot of confidence, and I knew that I was the only one who could help me get it back. So many things had changed, and I realized that I could take control of the situation.

So I asked myself – how do I get my hair back to what it once was?

It took some trial and error, but I started with a product called Viviscal.


This has helped me so much! – From Amazon

This product has helped me immensely with my hair regrowth. It’s a dietary supplement, so it doesn’t include any drugs, and I saw results after about 3 months. My hair actually started to grow back as little sprouts on top of my head. Now, the new hair is about halfway down my head, and the original hair is pretty long. You can see in this picture here:

don’t mind the sunburn 🙂

My hair actually grew back pretty curly, and the short part was curlier than the longer part. It kind of gave me some natural layers. It was hard when I would get my hair colored and cut, especially when it was only a few inches long. But it was working, and it was working pretty fast.

I’m so thrilled!!! I’m just happy to have some regrowth. Viviscal definitely helped with the volume, too. If you wanna try it, you can purchase it on Amazon here. Let me know what you think!


I also love this Kérastase hair regrowth serum. My mom suggested it and I read some reviews, so I thought I’d try it. And – it’s amazing! I put it in my hair before I go to sleep or whenever I feel like it.

It smells so good! From Amazon

Try it out and tell me if you think it helps!


Lastly, I have taken a Biotin supplement. I do think this helps, but if I had to choose one supplement over the other, I would probably choose Viviscal for how impactful it is.

But, taking Biotin is just awesome in general because, according to Healthline, Biotin is good for hair, skin, nails, eyes, liver, and the nervous system.

Gotta love it! From Amazon

Give it a try here!

It’s Been a Long, Rewarding Journey!

These three products I love so much because they helped me get back to feeling like myself again. It was a long journey, and I still am working on growing my hair and making sure that it is healthy.

There are so many side effects to chronic illness and stress, and hair loss is definitely not a fun one. Growing hair back naturally is a very long process, and many people enjoy trying out different things.

I also want to say – I am not a medical professional! If you are experiencing this, it is a really good idea to bring it up to your doctor! I always made myself feel so bad for these sort of symptoms. I thought that I was being dramatic and that there were bigger issues to deal with. But, it is so important to focus on what makes you feel like you.

It’s Okay to Be Upset – Your Feelings Are Valid!

I hope you find these things helpful! Don’t forget to give yourself grace on the journey:)




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