Aubrey Grace Johnston

I’m a young professional living with a chronic illness hoping to spread awareness and help others live instead of simply surviving!

I was diagnosed with Common Variable Immunodeficiency at 19 years old, and I thought my life was over. I was extremely sick, depressed, and anxious. As time went on, I only developed more and more health complications that took over my life. I constantly felt like I had no control and I was angry with myself, even though it truly wasn’t my fault.

Not long after my diagnosis, I was told that my blood counts were low, and eventually doctors found swollen lymph nodes all over my body. I had multiple procedures and surgeries to see if I had cancer. It was a mystery that couldn’t be solved. The only thing that I discovered was an interstitial lung disease called GLILD.

At one point, I had enough and I knew I had to take my life back. Throughout college, I was able to maintain friendships, graduate in four years with a double major in Communication Studies and Spanish, be in a sorority, travel, and have a really great relationship. When it came time to become a real “adult,” I knew I was ready.

Here I am – I moved from Colorado to San Diego and I’m trying to embrace everything that life has to offer, no matter what happens!

I have shared my story on several podcasts, including Sickboy Podcast and Strive to Thrive: A Purposely Positive Podcast. I love to share about the disease as well as the impact that mindset has had on my life.

Come along with me on my journey! If you are experiencing weird, scary, and/or mysterious health symptoms, you may find that I was facing something similar. You deserve answers! And you deserve to not feel alone!

If you or a loved one has an immune deficiency or suspects that you may have one, visit the Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF) to find more information.

I love to talk about traveling, coffee, supplements, and more. Thanks for being here!