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4 Affordable Makeup Faves that I Love

I love putting on makeup and a cute outfit – it helps me to feel better and it’s fun to go out and try new places in San Diego (or if I’m traveling). I usually wear more makeup on the weekends or when I have something fun going on.

Makeup can be really expensive, and sometimes it’s really fun to invest in that one expensive product that I really want. Other times, I like to go for more affordable options if it’s something that I run through pretty fast.

Amazon Makeup Finds
a preview of my favorite products!

Here are a list of some makeup that I like – if you’re looking to try some new things, look no further.

My absolute FAVORITETelescopic Mascara

Telescopic makes my eyelashes look so long! It gives some great length, and oftentimes I will go in with another volumizing mascara to really give it a full look. My eye makeup is something that I really like to focus on, and this one is a winner. It doesn’t get everywhere and it doesn’t usually clump.

Telescopic Mascara
It’s only like $9 usually

Try it here!

Maybeline Eyestudio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

I love to do winged eyeliner when I got out. It really makes my eyes pop and it’s super fun to change up my look! Maybeline has really done it with this eyeliner.

I randomly decided to buy this one day and it changed my life. Dramatic, but it’s true. I could jump in a pool and swim around and my eyeliner would still look amazing. This stuff really stays on. It is waterproof, so you have to wash your face with cleanser or use makeup remover.

It’s also very easy to draw with. It’s precise and not too thick – which is awesome for beginners in drawing wings. I have been doing it for years and it’s still hard!

Love it so much – only like $8

If you want to try it – click here!

Urban Decay Naked2 Basics

I bet by now you have heard of Urban Decay’s Naked palettes. And I will say that the full palette is moderately expensive (about $50). But the Naked2 Basics has 6 colors and it’s really all you need for a good, basic palette. I love to focus on my eyeshadow. I have blue eyes, so I experiment with different colors that go well with my eye color. I love the colors in the Naked2, especially for going out or a nice dinner.

really beautiful tones!

Try it out here!

NARS Concealer

I have some really bad under-eye circles going on. Sometimes I get this purple tint, and I absolutely hate it. When I found this concealer, I knew it was a winner. The coverage is GREAT!

I have used a few different concealers over the last few years, but this is my favorite. It gives coverage without being too thick.

If you’re looking for a new concealer, definitely try NARS.

About $20 and soo worth it.

If you want to order it, click the link here !

More to Come

Amazon has so many great makeup options, and I’m grateful that there are some affordable brands! Makeup is a great way for me to feel confident in myself, especially when I am having a bad week. It is a great way to accentuate things that I already love about myself!

I have tried out a lot of different things, and as someone with dry, sensitive skin, I am always looking for products that don’t irritate or dry out my skin. That is especially pertinent when I am looking at concealer, foundation, and BB cream.

I will be trying out some more brands on Amazon, and I look forward to finding more makeup I love. <3

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