how to overcome the fear of judgement and stop doubting yourself
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How to overcome the fear of judgement and stop doubting yourself

Trying something new

When I had the idea to start this website, I made myself feel so stupid at first.

Who would want to read my articles? What if people make fun of me? What if I am spending my time on something that sucks?

For the first few months after having the idea, I told myself that there was no point and that I would never be successful like other writers, content creators, and bloggers.

I didn’t know if putting myself out there and trying something new was even worth it. Spoiler alert: It was SO worth it.

We all get the desire from time to time to try something new – whether it’s a workout class, social club, relationship, hobby, career, or place to live, the idea of a new thing is both thrilling and frightening.

It can be easier to stay in your comfort zone. Stick to what you know, and you won’t get burned. But if you never try anything new, how will you continue to grow?

What will they think of me?

After starting my website, I feared what people would think of me and what I had to say. I started making corresponding social media channels, and I had hardly even spoken about my disease on social media. A lot of people didn’t even know I had a chronic illness.

This was a huge jump. In the beginning, it was hard. However, I slowly became more comfortable and I honestly stopped caring what people thought about me. If I am doing something fulfilling that truly makes me happy, why should I care about the judgement of others? It actually has no effect on my life. People have free will, they can think what they want. I can choose to mull over it in my mind or I can move on and continue living my best life.

It’s normal to get scared when you put yourself out there, but don’t let it stop you. Pretty soon, this new thing won’t be new anymore, and you will get more comfortable as it becomes a part of who you are.

Don’t get in your own way

Your mind might start telling you lies, so it is important to stop the cycle of self-doubt. Don’t get in your own way and hinder the possibilities that life has for you. It is easy to spiral and talk yourself out of things, but deep down you know when something is meant for you, and you know if it will make you happy.

You are in control, and having power over your thoughts is extremely important. Take note of your negative thought patterns, and try to find out where they are coming from. It is possible that your fears are tied to something in your past or previous beliefs that you have about yourself.

When you get negative thoughts, remember what is true. Remember that you are strong and that you are capable of overcoming and following your dreams.

Don’t wait. Do it today.

I know that it’s easy to put things off until tomorrow. I do it all the time. We procrastinate because it feels like too much or we don’t want to disrupt our daily life.

But, if there is something you want to do, why not today? What is the real reason?

why not today?

There may be a million reasons that you aren’t doing the thing you so badly want to do. However, it’s important to think about those reasons and question if they are big enough to stop you from starting today.

Even if you take one step. A tiny step towards achieving something. You will feel so much better. As the Nike saying goes – Just do it. Just start. You might mess up, or you might even figure out that this is not for you. But at least you can tell yourself that you gave it a shot.

Don’t underestimate yourself.

You are capable of amazing things. Try not to be so hard on yourself. You have so many wonderful qualities, and you deserve to strive for your dreams.

Give yourself grace!

give yourself grace


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