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Coffee in Bird Rock

San Diego has been really gloomy and rainy recently, and I am actually not upset about it. Something about the waves against the clouds is so beautiful and peaceful. It gives me such a cool aesthetic. I wasn’t expecting this weather when I moved here, but I am not mad about it.

My boyfriend and I decided that we wanted to go enjoy some coffee by the ocean, and ended up going to Bird Rock, a really pretty neighborhood in La Jolla. It is really fun to walk around there, and there are several cool restaurants and cafés. It gets pretty busy around there on weekend mornings.

We went to Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, which is such a good coffee place!! There are a few locations around San Diego, including one in Linda Vista, closer to where I live. I had heard that people really love it, so it was a must-try for me.

I had an iced peppermint mocha (I always get it iced) and my boyfriend got a hot vanilla bean latte. It definitely is a great spot for lattes and mochas, and they had some good flavors. The lattes aren’t too sweet, which I really enjoy.

We took our coffee and Delhi (his dog!) and headed to the waves. They are so fun to watch, even if it is gloomy. I was getting some good Twilight vibes for sure.

Bird Rock Coffee
our coffees 🙂

It was so peaceful, and a great way to spend a Sunday. I have been trying to improve my health by walking more, especially since I walked so much while in Europe. It felt so good to move around and get some steps in. Plus, Delhi loves it. Being in nature and by the water also helps me to ease my mind and relieve stress.

I always put pressure on myself to try and do intense cardio like I used to, but I know that with my chronic illness I just get really tired. So, I have started walking a lot more. I don’t track how long I walk, I just listen to my body and try to enjoy myself. There are a lot of benefits of walking, including stronger bones, increased lung fitness, and reduced risk of heart disease. When I am by the ocean, walking doesn’t feel like a chore!

False Point
We found this park at “False Point”

We walked around a neighborhood by the ocean and found a really cute park that said it overlooked False Point – I had never heard of this before, but it was really pretty. So many people were out enjoying the brisk day and there were lots of dogs! It is on a little cliff, so you can’t really get right up to the water, but you can enjoy it from above. The grass is nice and there are plenty of places to sit and enjoy the views.

Definitely check out Bird Rock Coffee if you get the chance!

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