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1 Must-Try Coffee Shop in Downtown San Diego

I love downtown San Diego. There are so many fun places to eat and drink, and it’s right by the water! I have been trying out some new coffee places, and its been pretty fun to go to new ones on the weekends. I have to fuel my iced coffee addiction! It’s a great way to treat myself, which is really important.

I was walking downtown one day and I stumbled upon the cutest coffee shop called Adore Coffee House. It is conjoined with a flower shop and has adorable decor! When I looked at the menu, I saw so many colorful coffee, tea, and lemonade drinks. I am always looking for new coffee drinks to try, and I love seeing creative concoctions.

The first drink I tried was the iced Blue Spirulina Latte. It was SO good. I really like spirulina because it has so many health benefits like iron, anti-inflammatory properties, and supporting blood sugar control. I even ordered my own spirulina powder on Amazon. The flavor of this latte was amazing, and the color just put me in a good mood. I am such a fan of pretty drinks.

I ended up attending the grand opening party at Adore in early March, and it was so fun! I got to sample some of their food, and their toasts are really good. There were so many people there enjoying their food and drinks, and they even cut a cake at the end. It was so cute! I also got to make a flower arrangement.

At the grand opening, I tried their Lavender Seltzer, which is a sparkling drink in a cute can:

lavender seltzer

It has a great light lavender taste and is so refreshing. The color is beautiful.

I also tried the Strawberry Matcha Frappe (I love matcha), and it was really good too! I really enjoy strawberry, and it has a nice, sweet flavor.

strawberry matcha

The banana latte and brown sugar shaken espresso are super good as well! My boyfriend has ordered those two drinks and really enjoyed them.

Perhaps the best iced latte I’ve ever had.

One time I visited, I had an iced latte that is literally amazing! I’m not lying. I saw the picture and thought it looked cool because there was a touch of purple, so I ordered it. I didn’t even know what was in it. It’s called the Luna Taro Latte.

luna taro latte
so pretty and yummy!

The taste is so hard to describe, but it is sweet but not too sweet, it kind of reminds me of toned-down Lucky Charms (sounds crazy I know). This drink had me looking up what taro is. I came across a purple, starchy vegetable:


I saw that it is often used in boba milk tea. After drinking this latte, I went and tried Taro Milk Tea from a boba shop, and it also tasted amazing. I am so glad that I discovered this.

This latte is my go-to order. It’s so creamy and good! I love it!

A quick video 🙂

I have started to make some videos of places that I visit, and it’s a really fun way to see a little snippet of what this place is like!

If you’re in San Diego, try it out! The owner is from Ukraine, and I really love supporting small businesses. It’s so great that this location is in downtown, because I can always walk around after I get my coffee.

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