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The Best Starbucks Drinks

The big question that I always ask myself…. what do I want from Starbucks? I have gotten all kinds of things – Pink Drinks, Frappucinos, Mochas, etc. But recently I have wanted something more “healthy” (if that’s even possible).

Low Sugar Options?

For a while, I did a “no sugar” diet to help me feel better (which I’ll definitely touch on a little more). I am a girl that loves a sweet treat every once in a while, but I find that there are times when I eat a lot of sugar that I feel really slow. There are benefits to cutting out sugar, including helping skin and heart health. But, if you really want some sugar, just have it! I never want to lead a lifestyle where I feel like I am punishing myself or completely cutting myself off from something I enjoy.

Unfortunately, a no sugar diet can be really hard when ordering coffee drinks, unless you get just an Americano with cream or something of the sort. When I looked into some of the drinks I was getting, I was actually really shocked to find out how many grams of sugar were in some of them. It’s pretty crazy!

So, I started to look to Tik Tok for some inspiration (I look there for almost all of my inspiration now). That’s where I found @madisonraehildredth. She is a personal trainer and she tries out different Starbucks concoctions via the app to make different flavors that are both yummy and fairly macro-friendly. It’s really cool because she gives all of the details on how to order it as well as the nutrition information.

A drink that tastes like Ben & Jerry’s

My favorite one so far is based on Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough ice cream. Here is the Venti version below:

This drink is sooo good. What’s cool is that Starbucks’ cold brew is only 5 calories, so you can build from there. This one does have a little bit more sugar, though, so not super low sugar friendly.

How to order:

  • Venti Cold Brew
  • Light Ice
  • 2 Pumps Sugar Free Vanilla
  • 2 Pumps Caramel Syrup
  • 2 Pumps Mocha
  • Oatmilk
  • Caramel Drizzle

If you’re like me and you get really nervous ordering drinks with all of these add-ins, definitely look into getting the Starbucks app. You can make all of the customizations on there, and you can use 25 stars to knock off a little bit of the price!

Sugar Free Vanilla Iced Coffee

Another drink that I enjoy is very simple:

This one is so simple but so delicious. If you are going to do a low sugar option, you can try Sugar-Free Vanilla. I’m a huge fan of sugar-free syrups, but I’ve heard some iffy things about them.

How to order:

  • Venti Iced Coffee
  • 5 Pumps Sugar Free Vanilla
  • No Classic
  • Cream

This drink is awesome and it’s usually not too expensive.

It may sound dumb, but getting coffee in the morning is something that makes me happy. Whether I am alone or with friends, my boyfriend, or family, it gives me a little motivation and makes me feel like I am treating myself. The rewards system is pretty nice, and I have gotten a good amount of discounts and free drinks from it. I also like mobile ordering when I am on the go and need to make it somewhere on time.

What do you like from Starbucks?

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