A Trip to Paris: 3 Suggestions for Your Parisian Vacation

I visited Paris for the first time this winter and I was so excited. The newest season of Emily in Paris had just come out and I excitedly watched it on the plane ride to Europe. I had seen so many things in movies, like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de triomphe, and cute Parisian cafés with yummy hot chocolate.

My mom was the lead planner of the trip (she’s amazing at finding great hotels and restaurants), and I am grateful because I really enjoyed it.

If you’ve been dreaming about going to Paris, this one is for you! I have some suggestions and insight about my family’s experience there, and I hope you get to enjoy a wonderful vacation!

Before my suggestions, here’s a quick snippet of the trip on TikTok:

Stay at a rooftop suite at the Hotel Parc Saint-Séverin

My parents, brother, and I stayed at the Hotel Parc Saint-Séverin, which I found to be a pretty nice hotel! There was complimentary breakfast (the food was very good) in the morning and someone would make us cappuccinos. There is also a little min self-serve bar. Unfortunately, there is not a full hotel bar, which can be a downfall for some. However, there are a ton of bars and restaurants near the hotel which you can walk to!

paris hotel

My brother and I were on the 6th floor, where there are pretty nice balconies, and my parents were on the top floor, which had a huge and amazing rooftop with a view of the Eiffel Tower! It was so cool to see it sparkling at night. We were there on New Years’ Eve, and we could hear all of the people below cheering. It was a great experience!

eiffel tower at night

Here’s a view from my balcony:


This hotel is located in the Latin Quarter, which is a really fun area that is close to a lot of landmarks. There is also a metro station, which is a nice way to get around!

Bateaux Parisiens Lunch Cruise

I have to admit, this might’ve been my favorite activity of the entire trip. My family and I went on a sight-seeing lunch cruise where we got to view all of the amazing Paris landmarks and have lunch, drinks, and desert!

The boat takes off near the Eiffel Tower, and each group had a nice table to sit at. The landmarks are outlined on the back of the menu:

paris lunch cruise

This is a great way to learn about sites and see them from afar. Paris is full of rich history!

paris lunch cruise

The table set-up was super cute!

paris lunch cruise

The food was really good, and we had red wine, white wine, and champagne!

eiffel tower lunch cruise

You can book it here – it’s so worth it!

1 Yummy Place to Eat: Maison Sauvage

My family and I went to Maison Sauvage for breakfast one day, and I loved the food, coffee, and decor.

We made a reservation, but there were also places to sit outside, though it was a little brisk. I ordered the Golden Latte, which was unique but really good.

maison sauvage

The avocado toast was really good as well! If you’re wondering where to get a good breakfast, definitely try this place!

A few other fun places

There are so many things to do in Paris!

It’s a really busy city, and many of the big landmarks can be very crowded, so it’s always fun to have a few other things to do as well. I was there for about four days, and I felt like that was a good amount of time, since we were so busy sightseeing during the days.

I found a few other Paris guides, and if you’re planning a trip, you should check these out as well:

My family an I also visited Strasbourg, France, which we really loved. It is such a cute, smaller city and there is a train ride straight to Paris.

If you’re struggling with chronic illness or any health issues, I’ve also written an article about traveling with a chronic illness. There are ways to navigate it, and I was able to have a really fun time!

Happy traveling!



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