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Coffee at Mission Bay Park

I have lived in San Diego for a little under a year and I’m always looking for new coffee spots. I had been to Mission Bay Park before to walk around, and it’s a really pretty place. You can see the water, and in the spring, the flowers are really pretty. Sometimes, when I walk around there, I feel like I am in paradise. Palm trees are one of my favorite plants, and I am so happy that they are all over San Diego.

This isn’t too far from Pacific Beach, so if you’re over in the area, you should definitely check it out. Fiesta Island is also in Mission Bay, which is a great place to bring your dog to run around. What’s crazy is that you can literally see and hear Seaworld from Fiesta Island. When I bring my boyfriend’s dog, she loves to go swim in the water and run around in the fields of flowers.

There are also a couple of beaches around, if you are wanting to get in the water.

When I was in Mission Bay and saw the coffee shop, Superbloom, it was perfect! It is right off of I-5 so it is really easy to get to. It is all outdoor, and there is a good amount of seating. If you want, you can take you coffee and have a stroll by the water!


It’s so cute and has such a good, aesthetic vibe, which is especially nice on sunny days with good weather. This is a great place to take some photos since the lighting is good and the background is really pretty.

The line gets pretty long on the weekends, but it is SO worth it, and the line tends to move pretty fast. I have never struggled to find a seat there, since they have a wide space with a lot of tables and chairs. There are a bunch of fun flavors (with whipped cream + sprinkles), including the “Spirit of Aloha” and the “Fluffer Nutter.” They can be pretty sweet, which I like if I am looking for my iced coffee to be a yummy treat. They also have non-sweet coffee drinks. I especially liked when they had fall flavors (I am a big fan of pumpkin spice)! I just love how creative they are with their drinks.

They also have lemonade and tea, which I really enjoy as well. It was super refreshing, especially when it’s hot outside. They have matcha as well! I haven’t tried it there yet, but it is definitely on my list. Every time I go, I want to try something new!

superbloom tea
refreshing tea!

Plus, the first time I visited, they had live jazz music and a pop-up food shop that made avocado toast! I’ve seen a couple of different food pop-ups there. The avocado toast was really good. I got one with scrambled eggs that I loved! There’s also some healthy food options on the Superbloom menu, which I haven’t tried, but I want to try them in the future as well. This is definitely a spot that I like going back to!

If you’re in Mission Bay, try it out!

Being out in the San Diego sun has really helped to lighten my mood. I started to realize that when I was living in Colorado, I experienced some seasonal depression! This has been a really great change, especially since there are so many cool outdoor restaurants and coffee shops like this one.

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