Visiting Strasbourg, France

My whole life, I had always wanted to visit France! It’s such a beautiful country, especially because of its rich history and architecture. I remember learning about it in history class growing up, and there were so many things that I wanted to see! I had been to Europe before, but only Spain, Portugal, and Greece!

The first city in France that I visited was Strasbourg! There are so many things to do there. We stayed in a beautiful hotel called the Léonor. I would definitely recommend staying there because it is really close to everything and there is a really cool bar in the lobby! The vibes were really good, and everyone there was super friendly.

cute sign in the lobby bar!

Strasbourg is a bit smaller of a city, with a population of around 280,000. It is such a cute city with so many places to eat and drink! I liked how walkable it was as well.

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg

We went to a beautiful cathedral in Strasbourg that many tourists love to visit. This cathedral is 466 feet tall and is such a breathtaking sight to see. It is insane that the first version of this church was built in 1015! For four centuries, this building was actually considered the tallest building in the modern world! It also has a cool astronomical clock.

Near the back of the Strasbourg Cathedral
Here’s how it looks from the front!

You can go inside, but we decided not to due to a really long line. It would definitely be cool to do this if I went to Strasbourg again! That would a great way to learn more about the history of the building.

I also took a picture of it at night:

stunning, right?

This cathedral is also near a lot of other fun things, including great places to shop and eat. It was a pretty busy area with a lot of tourists.

Petite France

The Strasbourg Petite France District is such a cute part of town that I loved to see, especially at night because of the lights. I went around Christmastime, which I highly recommend. There are so many fun Christmas decorations.

The sign at night 🙂

It’s really pretty, but a lot of pictures I take can’t do it justice. I need to work on my photography skills! took a way better picture than I could!

Christmas Lights

There was a really pretty Christmas tree and hanging Christmas lights. They are all over the buildings. Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I love that the city is so festive.

So many lights!
Christmas lights!

I’m sure it would be fun to visit any time of year, but this was especially nice because there were so many decorations. There was a good amount of tourists and people out walking around! The weather was a bit brisk, but not horrible. I would recommend bringing a good coat.

You must get coffee at a café!

We went to get coffee and some pastries at Café Broglie – it was delicious!

Café Au Lait

Add this destination to your list!

Strasbourg is an amazing place to visit – if you’re in France, make a stop there! We hopped on a train and went all the way to Paris, which was a really great experience. I would recommend staying at least one night before going to the next French city that you want to see!

Happy travels 🙂

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