3 Recommendations for Palm Springs, CA

This past weekend, my parents wanted a warm vacation, so they flew out to Palm Springs, California, a beautiful desert location with sunny skies and big mountains.

Since I live in San Diego, my mom told me that my boyfriend and I should drive out for one night and spend some time with them. It’s only about two and a half hours away, so I thought that was an amazing idea!

The drive from San Diego overall wasn’t too bad, and there were some pretty views. We saw the mountains get bigger and bigger as we neared our destination.

The little downtown area is super cute, and there are actually a lot more restaurant options than I thought. I was pleasantly surprised! I want to take a trip back and try out some more places. Since we only went for a night, we only went to a handful of places. But, I found a few that I loved. If you’re traveling to Palm Springs soon, try these out and see what you think!

Café La Jefa Coffee Shop

This coffee place is adorable! Not only does it have fun lattes and food, but there are also a bunch of cute little shops in the building with neon signs all around. I am a sucker for a cute coffee shop.

cafe la jefa
so cute!
little indoor shops

I had a dulce de leche latte, which was really yummy. The line was a little long, but it went by pretty fast. There is a cute area outside to sit and eat as well. If you love the colorful Palm Springs vibes, this one is for you!

Bootlegger Tiki Bar

bootlegger tiki bar

Bootlegger is a must-visit in Palm Springs. I love the tiki theme, and the drinks were really cute and yummy! It does get pretty busy, so we made a reservation. It’s perfect for a pre-dinner cocktail.

There is a pretty wide selection as well, so it wasn’t hard to find something I liked.

Parker Hotel

Palm springs

My parents stayed at Parker and we spent a day at the pool, which was beautiful. I had a paloma and a piña colada, which were both really good. The pool was really busy, though, so I would suggest getting there super early to get a chair.

Parker has a very fancy and colorful feel and I loved all of the greenery and flowers.

so pretty!

I would definitely recommend staying here, it can be a little pricier than other hotels but I think it is really worth it. The customer service is awesome, and the rooms are very nice and spacious. The above photo is my parents’ patio outside of their room, which also had a couch. This makes it super easy to go outside and go to the pool.

I recommend a trip out here!

Overall, I really enjoyed Palm Springs. It can be confusing to figure out where to stay since there are a good amount of options, but there are a lot of really nice hotels that looked fun. I definitely want to try another one in the future.

I really enjoyed driving around and looking at the houses, too. We even saw the Don’t Worry Darling house!

I know that it gets really hot in the summer, but the April weather was perfect, especially for sitting my the pool and soaking up the sun.

Here’s a quick video of the trip:

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  • Suzanne

    Palm Springs will always be my happy place. The drive,the view, the nostalgia, are enough to keep bringing you back. Thank you for the recommendations new places are always welcomed ❤️

  • Stephanie

    It’s been so many years since I made a trip to Palm Springs – always walking around the main part of town. Thanks for the recommendations – I think I would spend half the trip at La Jefe coffee shop. You look happy and healthy!

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