a must visit winery in kefalonia greece

A must-visit winery in Kefalonia, Greece

Visiting Kefalonia

I recently got the chance to go Greece with my a few of my best friends from college, and it was such an amazing experience! My friend’s grandmother has a house on an island called Kefalonia (sometimes spelled Cephalonia). I had previously visited Athens when I was in high school, but I never got a chance to go to the islands!

visiting kefalonia, greece

Kefalonia is beautiful and there are so many different things to do, including beaches, caves, shopping, and restaurants. I had not heard of it before, but I definitely suggest visiting. It seems to be less crowded than some of the other islands.

We visited the Melissani Cave, which is a pretty popular attraction in Kefalonia. It was really cool because we actually got to row on a boat through the cave in light blue water. There was a guide who told us a little bit about the history of it. I had never seen water that color before!

melissani cave

We frequented Argostoli, which is a really cute town with a lot of shops, restaurants, and bars. If you’re visiting, I would suggest checking out the Black and Gold Bar for some fun drinks and a chill vibe, or Bee’s Knee’s if you’re looking for a busy club scene. My friends and I also enjoyed having sushi at Via Villianou, which has a really pretty aesthetic. The food was really good! You can walk to all of these places within the town, and there is a big plaza in the middle as well. We would drive and park and then just walk from place to place.

Wine Tasting at Orealios GAEA

We decided to do a wine tasting day, and we headed over to the Orealios GAEA winery. The landscape is really pretty, and you can see lots of mountains and greenery around. We were there in August, and while it was a little bit hot, I thought it was perfect for wine tasting and taking some pictures. The outdoor area had a lot of seating and it was under some shade.

Personally, I am a fan of white wine but I was ready to try anything! They have a really good tasting menu, and you can choose how many of the wines you want to try. The wine tasting packages also come with little small plates. Their food was really good, my favorite being the bruschetta. Robola, a white grape grown primarily in Kefalonia, is used in some of the wines, which I thought was really unique! It can survive really harsh farming conditions, which makes it so iconic. I love that this region of Kefalonia is known for these specific grapes.

The bruschetta. It was so good!
The wine tasting glasses! They give you a place mat with the description of each wine below it. I loved that it explained the flavor and essence of the wine as well as suggested pairings.

Each of the wine tasters comes with a brief description, and there was someone that explained each one in detail. I really enjoyed the white wines and a red dessert wine, but I also loved the Linos Rose! I bought a bottle of it, and the prices were also really good!

The views were also immaculate, and it was a super peaceful setting overall. You can see a lot because there aren’t many buildings around.

kefalonia vineyard
These are the vineyards. The mountains are so pretty!

If you are looking to travel to Kefalonia, I highly suggest visiting this winery! Kefalonia overall is a great island, I loved my experience there.

My chronic illness has not stopped me from traveling and having a great time!

Having a chronic condition can be really difficult when traveling, but I am never going to let it hinder my ability to get out in the world and enjoy life with people I love. There are definitely some moments where I feel defeated, especially if I get an onset of bad symptoms. But, those moments are fleeting. I make sure to surround myself with people who make me laugh and support me in those moments!

If you have a chronic illness and there’s a destination that you wan to travel to, I encourage you to try and make it happen! It can be hard to work around certain things, but I believe that it’s worth it.

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