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Ways to Make Some Extra Cash

After four years of college, I definitely found some creative ways to make a little extra money. Being a student, there isn’t a lot of time for work or making money. I had a lot of different part-time jobs, but having this disease felt like a full-time job. There are so many random, fun gigs that you can do! It’s awesome when making money feels like fun instead of work!

Here’s some suggestions I have for those who want to side hustle and have some money to spend:


I started using Rover in the beginning of college and it is SO fun! You basically get to watch people’s dogs – including walking them, visiting them during the day, or overnight stays. It is a fun alternative for dog owners who want to find sitters as well.

I’ve had a great time and met a lot of cute dogs! Since I didn’t own a dog in college, this gave me a lot of serotonin. I liked that I got to hang out with a lot of different breeds. You also get to choose your rates and pricing, which is really cool. You can make a profile where you describe a little bit about yourself and your history with dog-watching.

If you wanna try it, use my code here

I can’t do this since I am the one that needs the plasma, but I had multiple friends who did this in college. I’ve heard you can make about $800 a month, but it depends in some cities. It can be fairly physically taxing, and you have to be okay with needles 🙂 Click here to see if there’s a local CSL Plasma near you!

I wrote a longer article about the importance of donating plasma, so give it a read if you are seriously considering it! It takes a lot of plasma to help out patients with primary immunodeficiency and other diseases. There are some qualifications, which I highlight in the article, and you have to make sure that you are hydrating and in good health. I think it’s awesome that you not only get a chance to help the PI community, but also get paid for it!

Sell those extra clothes on Poshmark!

If you’re like me, you might just have a ~few~ too many things in your closet. Like, things that you haven’t worn since 2014. Or, in my case, freshman year of college. When I moved from Colorado to San Diego, I absolutely had to throw away over half my closet. After all, I moved my entire life in one car. Poshmark is awesome because you can sell your items and describe the brand, color, size, and more. They give you the shipping label when someone buys it! It’s a great way to sell clothes, shoes, wallets, and more. The app is really user-friendly. Once I post my clothes on there, I wait for someone to either purchase at the offer price or give me an offer, in which I can decide if I want to take their offer or counter offer.

If you wanna sign up, use my Promo Code on this link.

Make some cash to treat yourself!

These methods for making some cash are pretty fun and easy! It’s always nice to have some extra money for Target runs or my favorite thing – iced coffee! 🙂 If you’re in a pinch, there are so many side gigs available!

Check out this article I love about side gigs! – 30+ Best Side Hustles in 2023

Budgeting can help you manage your finances.

If you’re feeling stressed out financially, budgeting is a great way to ease anxiety and assess how to allocate your income correctly. Check out this article from Behind the Classroom – 7 Steps to a Budget That Works for You!


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