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3 ways to relax during a stressful week

I have always been prone to stress and I find it really hard to relax and put my mind at ease. As college came to a close, I became so overwhelmed by managing my illness and searching for a job. Entering the workforce after college and moving to a different city is so exciting, but every life change can come with stress.

I have always wished that I was someone who could just “chill out” and forget about my worries. But it’s never been that easy. Feeling stress and anxiety has forced me to try out new things. I used to wait around for my life to get less hectic and designate certain times for relaxing – the weekend, maybe a vacation. However, I realized that I don’t have to wait. I can take active steps while in the midst of stress to relieve my feelings and create a peaceful mindset.

I’m no mental health expert, but these are the things that I have been working for me recently!

1. Pilates and Yoga

Before recently, I had hardly ever tried either of these things. I am not flexible at all and it’s pretty embarrassing. I feared being surrounded by people who were more in shape than me.

I thought I would get out there and finally give it a try. Both pilates and yoga are very prevalent in San Diego, and there are so many places to go to.

I heard about ClassPass, which gives you an opportunity to try out different classes. I got free credits as well, and I have really enjoyed it so far!

I did a hot pilates class where I sweat a lot and I was so sore the next few days. I also did Yin Yoga, which was very slow and meditative. It gave me a lot of time to stretch, breathe, and ease my mind.

I was nervous to try these things out, but it’s so worth it! I challenge anyone to get out of their comfort zone and try this. My confidence has boosted and I have found a way to channel the stress of daily life.

I have never been someone who owns a yoga mat, but here I am! I got one from Amazon that is super simple and has a strap so I can bring it to classes!

I love this yoga mat from Amazon – comes with a strap!

2. Pinpoint your stressor and write about it

For the past few years, my number one cause of stress has been my chronic illness. It has plagued my mind in unbearable ways. I always felt so misunderstood, and I didn’t know how to talk about it.

Writing articles about it has been extremely helpful! I have chronicled my anxiety, which has helped me to think through my stress as a reaction to my diagnosis and difficult medical journey. Before I wrote so much online, I also kept a journal. It sounds so simple, but it has helped me through some really rough patches where I didn’t know how to open up.

Putting the words on a page helps me relax and not feel so crazy. I have to remind myself that my feelings are valid and I need to allow myself to feel this way.

Furthermore, I can use these times to create a plan on how I can take action to remedy the current situation that is causing me so much stress and anxiety. Sometimes, I have no control over the situation, but I know that I can control my mindset.

3. Spend some time in nature

When I want to relax, I love going outside! It sounds like a no-brainer, but I found that I have to make an active effort to get outside and walk around, especially when I am so busy. I am lucky because I live in San Diego, which is by both the beach and the mountains. I love to go walk on different beaches and I recently went to Imperial Beach and saw the Tijuana Estuary.

So beautiful!

The estuary is so nice and there is so much wildlife.

Imperial Beach!
Love palm trees!

It’s helpful to keep in mind a few places that you love to go. When you visit these places, tell yourself that you will leave all of your worries behind. Those problems will still be waiting for you, and (most of the time) you can afford to put them on the back burner for 30 minutes or so.

Life comes with a series of unexpected events, and it is so easy for our negative thoughts to take over and put us in a dark place. It is so important to relax and take care of yourself.

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