fall movie and tv shows to help you get in the autumn spirit
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Fall Movies and TV Shows To Help You Get In The Autumn Spirit

A couple weeks ago, I got extremely sick and my body had a really hard time fighting off the illness. Having a chronic illness can be so exhausting and defeating, especially while dealing with other stressful parts of life.

In attempts to cheer myself up, I started preparing for fall – my favorite season! It’s kind of funny because San Diego barely has seasons. So, I have to create a lot of the fall vibes myself or take a visit to the mountains (like Mount Laguna) to see some fall foliage.

I went to CVS and bought some fall candles, a blanket with pumpkins on it, and a black ceramic jack-o-lantern. Because of all of my prescriptions, I have a CVS CarePass which helps me get discounts. I recommend this to anyone with chronic conditions. I love to shop when I get my prescriptions!

pumpkin and candle

Also, Dunkin released their fall drink menu before Starbucks (their drinks release the 24th, in two days). My absolute favorite drink for fall is Starbuck’s Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew. But I also like Dunkin’s pumpkin drinks.

pumpkin spice drink

Harry Potter Marathon

I have to admit, I was never into Harry Potter before a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t read the books or really understand the idea of it. But, my boyfriend loves the movies and I felt like they seemed like a good fall vibe. It was raining due to Hurricane Hilary, which seemed very fitting for watching these movies.

I was unsure if I would like to movies, but it turns out that I am really enjoying our marathon! We just finished the fourth movie, Goblet of Fire, which I loved. The third and fourth have been my favorites so far.

If you are looking for a cozy night in, light some candles and have a Harry Potter marathon!

harry potter marathon

Gilmore Girls

I have always loved Gilmore Girls, and Stars Hollow is the cutest little town. I wish it was a real place!

There are so many fall episodes, and the show has an overall nostalgic feeling for many people. It’s light and easy to watch. I get a comforting feeling when I rewatch it. I love when they show fall colors on the trees.

If you have never seen it before, I would recommend trying it out! There are a lot of seasons and it’s fun to see Rory in different seasons of life.

gilmore girls

Twilight Marathon

Although I didn’t read the Twilight books, this is one of my favorite series of all time. I love the ambiance of Forks, WA and how it’s so rainy and gloomy. At times it can be a little cheesy, but that’s partly what I love about it.

These are so easy to watch back to back and see the story unfold. I have seen the movies so many times. The beautiful scenery gets me in the fall mood, and it makes me want to go to Oregon and Washington.

If you’ve never seen these, give them a watch!



This movie is more of a Halloween film, but the spooky vibes definitely help me get into the fall mood. Even though it’s a children’s movie, I find it to be a little creepy and scary.

The storyline is really good, and the visuals are one of the strongest aspects of the movie. It’s a crazy premise, which is super engaging.

I don’t always love scary things, but I really love Halloween and enjoy movies like this. If you haven’t watched it, light some candles and give it a try!


The Iconic Thanksgiving Episode from Gossip Girl

Season 3 Episode 11: “The Treasure of the Serena Madre.” If you are a big Gossip Girl fan, you know that this Thanksgiving episode is unmatched. Jason Derulo’s “Watcha Say” plays while each character gets angry and storms away from the dinner table. It is a great holiday-gone-wrong story.

I love this show because of the drama and New York City setting, especially for holiday episodes. There are a few other Thanksgiving episodes as well. I also get really nostalgic every time I watch this show and it’s really comforting.

gossip girl thanksgiving

Happy Fall!

For many, fall is a new start. The school year begins again for students and teachers. The leaves change and old things are left behind.

After being laid off unexpectedly, I am excited for fall to have new beginnings. I am hoping to start a new role and continue discovering my passions.

With a chronic illness, it’s east for life to get me down when I am super sick. That’s why I gave myself plenty of rest, nutrition, and a fun autumn restart!

Watching a TV show or buying a fall candle may sound really insignificant, but it can be one of the things that saves you from a difficult mental battle. I can already feel my spirits lifting.



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