3 products I love as a chronically ill person
Chronic Illness

You Deserve to Treat Yourself: 3 Products I Love as a Chronically Ill Person

As someone living with Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID), I have noticed that sometimes I have to put in extra effort to make myself feel comfortable and relaxed. There are some days when I feel really down, whether it’s mentally and/or physically, and I have to pick myself back up. Especially if I have to work or I have other obligations going on.

In the last couple of years, I embarked on a self-care journey and started to figure out how to control the controllable variables of my life. I have used a lot of different products from Amazon, since they make it so easy!

Here are a few items that I really love. If you are feeling down, you deserve to treat yourself!

Yeti Rumbler

I know that a lot of people love Yeti. My boyfriend got a Yeti Rumbler and the water out of it is always ICE cold (just how I like it). I have found that I am way more inclined to drink water when I have a high quality water bottle that keeps ice cold. Plus, there are some really cute colors! It holds a good amount of water so you can bring it on walks or when you are working out.

yeti rumbler
Buy it on Amazon!

Drinking water is so important. It sounds so simple and obvious, but I see such a difference when I increase my daily intake, especially since I get headaches so often! Being chronically ill, I want want to make sure that I am maximizing the ways I take care of myself.

7 Science-Based Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water


This might so dumb, but candles make me SO happy. I am not quite sure when the obsession really started, but I have to have a plethora of candles on deck to go in my room. I love the smell and the ambiance that they create – it gives me a feeling of immense relaxation. As a chronically ill person, it can be hard for me to let go and relax, so I have to make my room a sanctuary from the rest of the world.

The strongest smelling candles in my opinion are definitely Glade – a well-known product! They aren’t always the most aesthetically pleasing, but they are more affordable and have a good strong scent.

glade candles
Super affordable on Amazon

If you’re looking for more aesthetically pleasing candles, there are plenty on Amazon! Here are some really cute ones:

I love Chesapeake Bay! They have so many scents, are so serene, and smell so good!
candle from Amazon
Order on Amazon – I love a good wood wick candle!
These Paddywax candles are so cute and have such cute sayings on them! Definitely a cute aesthetic.

The Science Of Relaxation: Why Are Candles So Calming?

Heating Pad

I have a heating pad that I keep on deck in my room, and it has helped me in so many instances. They can help with circulation and reduce muscle pain or stiffness You will want to make sure that you are using them in the appropriate instances! You can read more about when to use a heating pad here.

I also have grown to like having it around as a comfort if I start to feel really cold in my room.

They are super easy to order on Amazon.

heating pad benefits
From Amazon

5 Immense Benefits of Using Heating Pads

Relaxing as a chronically ill person

Chronic illness is hard and it is never ending. It took me awhile for me to accept that I will most likely be chronically ill for the rest of my lifetime. I know that I can’t control it, so I look for little ways to make myself happy. Drinking water, getting some candles, and relaxing with some heat helps me to decompress, especially after working during the day. I can dedicate some time to myself and watch a TV show or movie.

You deserve to to love yourself and invest in yourself! If there is something that you have been wanting to do, go do it! I tend to put off doing certain things because they seem unimportant in comparison to the rest of my life. But, self-care is so important, especially when chronically ill. Everyone can benefit from listening to themself and tending to their own needs.

What are some ways that you treat yourself when you’re feeling down?

treat yourself

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