Common Variable Immunodeficiency

SCIg Series: Navigating anxiety about infusions

When I think back to my very first SCIg infusion, I remember how nervous and scared I was. I had only received my CVID diagnosis about a month prior, and I was still learning about the disease and treatment. I had so many questions: Was it going to hurt? Would I get bad side effects? Can I trust myself to learn the infusion process and replicate it on my own?

My first infusion wasn’t as bad as I thought. The process was new, so there was a lot of learning, but I went into an infusion facility and there was a nurse that helped me along the way.

Afterwards, I was very sore and I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. I infused three sites in my stomach, and they had a bruised feeling. I was also really tired and dehydrated. I had false confidence that I would be perfectly fine after, but that unfortunately was not the case.

But, I knew that side effects during the first few infusions was really normal. I was assured that it would get better – and it did.


Now, when I do my SCIg treatment in the comfort of my own home, I have very little side effects and I have learns how to correctly deal with them.

Even though I have been doing these infusions for almost 4 years, I still get a little anxious before.

If you’re new to SCIg or feel anxiety before infusions, I hope this article helps to ease your nerves and get into a great mindset for your next treatment!

Trust Yourself

When I first heard that I would be doing the treatment myself, I thought that there was no way. I have no medical background, and I am overall a pretty queasy person. Even IVs give me chills.

I didn’t know if I could do it, but the reality is that I had no choice. I needed to learn every step and do it correctly. Luckily, there was a YouTube video that had every step that I could follow if I ever got stuck.

After a while, I became really good at the treatment steps. Now, it is a very smooth process and I know that I can do it correctly by myself.

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My advice is to trust yourself. You are fully capable of doing this treatment and learning all of the necessary steps and precautions. Don’t sell yourself short!

Drink Water!

I know everyone says this. Over and over. Drink a ton of water! But, the days before, it can be hard for me to remember. But, I know that it will make the process better for me and will prevent dehydration.

As I have mentioned before, I love a big, cold water bottle like the Yeti Rumbler. It can fit a large amount of water, so I keep it right by my bedside and make sure to remind myself to keep drinking.

See This As Relaxing “Me Time”

During infusions, you have to remember to put yourself and your comfort first. That’s why you can see this a dedicated “me time.” Put on your favorite show, maybe order some food before or after or have something that you consider to be a treat. I love Diet Coke, so I always like to keep one handy.

I tell myself that I need to forget any anxiety, worry, or stress that may be clouding my mind. My to-do list can wait. This is an important time for me to focus on myself and my personal happiness.

Make sure that you tell yourself to relax. It makes the process better and reminds you to practice self-care!

Have a Trusted Person Help You

Early on, it was suggested to me to have an adult over 18 present while doing infusions. I also have an epi-pen in case of a reaction, which the trusted adult can retrieve for me.

It is really important to have someone around that you trust to help you in your time of need, and you can even teach them the beginning infusion steps to help you get set up!

My boyfriend is almost always with me, and he knows how to fill the syringes and set up the tubing. He also helps me put the bandages on after the treatment is over.

It is comforting to have someone around, and it makes me less nervous. I know that if I really need something, he is there and can get it for me.

SCIg can be a scary thing, but it helped me get my life back!

I was so scared of the unknown. I didn’t know what my future held. But, the donated plasma that I have received has helped me fight off infections and live a fuller life.

If this is the beginning of your journey, just know that it is going to be okay! Make sure to trust yourself and make yourself feel comfortable. You are so strong and you are on the path to feeling better!

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