listen to my guest feature on the speak your vision podcast by tarik williams!
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Listen to my guest feature on the Speak Your Vision Podcast by Tarik Williams!

I’m excited to announce my latest guest feature on the Speak Your Vision Podcast! It has been such a joy to be able to share my story, speak about the impact of a positive mindset, and raise awareness for Common Variable Immunodeficiency!

Click here to listen to the podcast episode: “Chronic Illness Means Chronic Gratitude with Aubrey Johnston!”

In celebration of Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season, we had a discussion about the impact of gratitude. I love to talk about how practicing gratitude has changed my life, especially through the hardships of having a rare chronic disease. I absolutely loved our conversation, and it was amazing to see the parallels in our journeys – we share a lot of the same ideas!

Changing my mindset has allowed me to continue living a fulfilling and joyful life. It’s not always easy, but over time I have been able to learn how to cope by focusing on gratitude, goals, and positivity.

I wanted to tell you all a little bit more about Tarik Williams, the founder of We Are Vision of Hope Coaching. A mindset and problem-solving coach with a profound personal story, Tarik transformed the challenge of losing his sight into a catalyst for helping others overcome obstacles. Holding a degree in English and a master’s in counseling, his expertise lies in empathetically guiding individuals through their unique journeys towards achieving their goals.

Beyond his transformative personal experience, Tarik is the host of the “Speak Your Vision” podcast and the creator of the Recognize Your V.I.S.I.O.N. Coach program. These platforms have been instrumental in empowering numerous individuals to shift from stagnation to greatness.

If you’re seeking to navigate through life’s challenges or break free from stagnation, Tarik’s coaching offers the understanding, tools, and support you need. Join his coaching program, schedule a breakthrough call, and start your journey towards overcoming obstacles and unlocking your true potential!

I have inserted a few links below, please check them out if you are interested!

Click here for some details about the Recognize Your V.I.S.I.O.N. Coach program!

Sign up for the 2024 Unlock Your Vision Webinar!

unlock your 2024 vision

Click here for the “How to Win Every Day: Navigating between Goals and Expectations” free downloadable guide!

win every day guide

Thank you for being here!

Thank you for coming along this journey as I continue to share my story. If you’re going through a hard time this holiday season, please remember that you are not alone. Having a strong support system is extremely important when we are facing our hardest battles.

Happy Holidays!


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