Chronic Illness

Creating a Sanctuary

When you have a chronic illness, you tend to spend a lot of time in your room either being sick or just really fatigued. That is why it’s so important for your room to be a peaceful space that makes you happy!

I feel like the aesthetic of a place that I spend a lot of time in is really important to me. After I graduated college, I moved into my first “adult” place. I still have roommates, so I like to focus on my personal space: my bedroom.

The nice thing about having a full-time job is that I can generate a lot more income than when I was a student and working part-time. I am lucky that has allowed me to treat myself more. Since I moved to San Diego, I thought it was fitting to make my room have beach elements, including light blue and cream colors.

I also think it’s really important to make your room a place that has motivation and inspiration. I got this neon blue sign that says “you got this!” It might seem cheesy, but when I see it, I instantly feel proud of myself and I know that I can keep pushing ahead.

bedroom neon sign
I love it 🙂
room decor
palm trees outside of my window!

I also went to a yoga class where we made vision boards, and I put mine on my media stand behind my TV to remind myself of my hopes and dreams! There are so many benefits to making vision boards. I found it to be a calming activity, and I just followed how I felt in the moment. This year, I want to focus on fun, health, wellness, and personal success! If you are feeling stuck or down, this is a great idea. Just grab some magazines and start cutting and gluing. You can also do a quick meditation before, where you can picture what you want in life. When I went to the yoga event, we did some meditation, and I found that focusing on my breathing and taking a moment of silence really allowed me to gather my thoughts.

vision board

I cherish my space so much. I like to light candles and use my diffuser. Having a diffuser with essential oils not only makes your room smell good but also can provide calming effects! Pretty candles allow me to create some great mood lighting in my room, and they smell good as well. I don’t like to have fluorescent lights, so it’s nice to have dim lighting and some candles.

I like to have plants and flowers in my room, too. It’s just a lot of work to keep them alive sometimes. For that reason, I also have a lot of fake plants. It’s not as cool as having real ones, but they provide really cute decor and I love green.

Watch here to see a quick snippet of my room, such a sanctuary from the rest of my busy life!

If you are suffering from chronic illness and/or mental health, you want to make sure that you are creating a space of peace and serenity. I know that it can be hard, and it does take a lot of work. But it is SO worth it. When I am alone in my room, I am my most relaxed self.

Take a minute to focus on you and what your hopes are for your space. How can you treat yourself to something you love? Is there any way you can help yourself find more peace or relaxation?

Here are some suggestions for room items 🙂

Pretty candles 🕯

Diffuser 🌙

Neon Sign 💟

Fake Succulents 🌿


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